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Abortion consultation 


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Abortion consultation 

When you book your appointment with us, you’ll be given the option of having a consultation over the phone, or face-to-face. A consultation is the first step in accessing abortion care (both medical and surgical). 

During the consultation we will talk you through your abortion care options, and let you know what to expect from your treatment. 

What happens during your consultation 

We will ask about your medical history to make sure that your chosen treatment option is safe for you. It is very important that you tell us about any health problems you may have, as well as any drugs or medication you are taking. 

In order to fulfil legal requirements, we will ask you what your reasons are for wanting an abortion. If at any time you are uncertain about your decision, we can arrange an appointment for you with one of our counsellors. Continuing with treatment is your decision only, and we will support you in whatever you decide. Any information you give will be confidential. 

Your consultation is a good time to discuss contraception too. Following an abortion, your fertility will return almost immediately. If you do not want to get pregnant, we can talk you through the contraceptive options available, and help you find a method that suits your individual need. 

Nurse telling client about abortion pills
Client in abortion recovery

Choosing your abortion treatment 

During your consultation, we will discuss the different treatment options available, answer any questions you have so that you can make an informed choice, and decide which option is best for you.  
Most people having an abortion can choose how it will be carried out. Your choice will depend on your individual circumstances and how you feel about the different options. 

At MSI UK we offer the following treatments:  

  • Medical Abortion (abortion with pills): up to 9 weeks and 6 days gestation  
  • Surgical Abortion: available from 6 weeks, up to 23 weeks and 6 days gestation

Click on the button below to find a tool that will help you compare medical and surgical abortion. 

If you are eligible for telemedicine (pills by post), a phone call with a nurse will be arranged during your consultation.

During this telemedicine phone call, you will have a clinical assessment with a nurse and at the end of the phone call, you will agree with the nurse whether the abortion pills will be sent to you in the post, or whether you will pick up the pills from one of our clinics. 

Nurse showing client abortion pills

What to expect when accessing abortion care 

Visit the pages below to learn more about the next steps in accessing abortion care – preparing for your treatment and what will happen on the day of your treatment appointment – and to read abortion stories from our clients. 

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Abortion stories 

Read medical and surgical abortion stories from our clients to find out what to expect.

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How to prepare for your treatment 

Learn more about how to prepare for your abortion treatment. 

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On the day of your appointment  

Learn more about what to expect on the day of your appointment.