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NHS-funded abortion care 


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NHS abortion 

98% of our abortions treatments in the UK are funded by the NHS. This means that there will be no cost to you for your abortion. 
Abortions can only be carried out under the care of a licensed clinic like MSI Reproductive Choices UK or an NHS hospital.  

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How to get an abortion on the NHS

You can self-refer by contacting us directly on 0345 300 8090 or booking online.

You can speak to your GP and ask for a referral to MSI Reproductive Choices UK.

You can contact a sexual health clinic and ask for a referral to MSI Reproductive Choices UK. 

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What does NHS-funded abortion care include?  

NHS-funded abortion care with MSI UK includes: 

  • Treatment: depending on your gestation (how many weeks pregnant you are), past medical history, gynaecological history, any medication you are taking and personal choice and preferences, you will be eligible for either a medical abortion or a surgical abortion. We will discuss the options with you and answer any question you may have.
  • Aftercare support: we are here to support your recovery after an abortion. We have a 24-hour dedicated aftercare line, where you can talk to one of our nurses about your aftercare and recovery: 0345 122 1441
  • Counselling: every person is different, and it is normal to feel a range of different emotions after an abortion. At MSI Reproductive Choices we provide free, confidential counselling services as part of abortion care. Our counselling team is available any time you need to talk before, during and after your treatment, even if your abortion was some years ago. 
  • Contraception: contraception counselling is a part of your NHS-funded abortion care with MSI UK, should you wish to start a method of contraception following an abortion. If you are looking for a contraceptive method that suits your individual needs, you can book an appointment within three months of your abortion treatment. 

NHS Abortion FAQs 

Read our answers to frequently asked questions about how to get an abortion on the NHS. Remember you can always get in touch with us to ask yours. We are here for you. 

Young people under the age of 18 can access an abortion through the NHS at no cost. We would encourage young people to talk with their friends and family about the decision to have an abortion, but we acknowledge that sometimes, this may not be possible. 

All of our clients are able to access the wide range of services that we offer as part of abortion care, including counselling. We will not share information about your care with your parents, your GP or external agencies unless we are concerned about your safety. 

There is no limit to the number of abortions you can have via the NHS and abortion providers will never judge you for your decision. Abortion is common. Nearly one in three pregnancies end in an abortion worldwide. At MSI UK, we know that each abortion is different and surrounded by a unique set of circumstances, and we are here to talk through your abortion options should you want to. 

You can read more about this here.

Yes, counselling is optional as part of NHS-funded abortion care. All NHS clients are entitled to free counselling sessions before, during or any time after your treatment. 

If you don’t qualify for NHS funding (for example if you travel from overseas), if you choose to pay privately or if your treatment is covered by private health insurance, you can access private abortion care. 

Visit our private abortion treatment page to know more about private abortion fees. 

Get in touch 

You can access NHS-funded abortion care by contacting us directly on 0345 300 8090 or booking online.

Learn more about abortion 

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Travelling to England  

If you need to travel to England to access abortion care, we are here to support you.