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Who we are

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We’re the leading provider of sexual and reproductive health services in the UK.

We have been helping people with their reproductive options for over 40 years.

We provide NHS-funded abortion and vasectomy care, as well as self-funded treatment, through our network of clinics across England. Your health and wellbeing is our biggest priority. While you’re in our care, we will always make sure you’re treated with dignity, respect and that you feel supported.

Our approach

Information about how we deliver services across England.

Our team

MSI Reproductive Choices employs over 500 people in the United Kingdom alone, all of whom are dedicated to delivering the highest quality abortion and vasectomy care. Work with us.

Our clinics

Our clinics are staffed by friendly teams of qualified professionals who are dedicated to helping you with your reproductive choices.


MSI Reproductive Choices is a registered charity and we are committed to offering the best services for our clients and our NHS commissioners.

International work

MSI Reproductive Choices UK is part of a global organisation working in over 37 countries to provide reproductive healthcare around the world.

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We specialise in reproductive healthcare, providing abortion, vasectomy and contraception services across the UK. You can contact us to discuss your options.