All of our clinics are open as usual for face to face appointments (for both abortion and vasectomy services).

At-home abortion pills service is available.

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Find out about our vasectomy, contraception, and counselling services.

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Who we are

We're the leading independent provider of sexual and reproductive health services in the UK.

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Blog and News

Blog and News from MSI Reproductive Choices UK

Read news, personal stories from our clients, and find out how you can help millions of people around the world access safe abortion.

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Media enquiries

Our press office can provide information and comment on issues relating to abortion care and vasectomy, as well as the services offered in the United Kingdom.

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Stories from our clients

Read powerful stories from clients who have received treatment from MSI Reproductive Choices, so you know what to expect and that you are not alone.

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Share Your Story

In the UK, one in three women will have one or more abortion in their lifetime. By sharing our stories women can feel supported in their choice and know they are not alone.

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Support women worldwide

We’re proud to be part of the MSI Reproductive Choices global partnership which works hard to deliver quality contraception and safe abortion services to people around the world. If you also believe women should have access to safe abortion, and want to help make it a reality, you can support us.

Featured posts

1 March 2021

Misinformation in abortion care: the myth of 'DIY

Telemedicine is a safe, effective and kinder way for women to receive abortion care, but radical, anti-choice groups are still attempting to undermine it.

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1 February 2021

MSI UK launches digital Contraceptive Counsellor

New interactive 'counsellor' gives users personalised contraceptive advice at their fingertips.

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18 January 2021

How to Guide Abortion Telemedicine Consultation

The UK Gov is seeking views on whether to make the choice of abortion telemedicine permanently available. Use our guide to submit your response.

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28 April 2022

Why we need national buffer zones legislation

It is fantastic that councils like Ealing have put buffer zones around abortion clinics. But the right to have a safe abortion in private and with dignity should not depend upon where you live.

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6 October 2020

Manchester council to introduce a Safe Access Zone

Manchester city council agreed to introduce a Safe Access Zone around our clinic in Fallowfield.

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11 May 2022

How to take abortion pills and what to expect

What to do once you have the abortion pills in front of you? This guide will help you go through your medical abortion step by step.

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18 May 2022

Blog: Smashing Six Abortion Myths

Abortion stigma can make some people feel like their decision must be kept secret and silent, leading to a lack of access to relevant and accurate information on the matter. Let's #SmashAbortionMyths!

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