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Vasectomy myths and facts 

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Myths about vasectomy 

It can be difficult to find accurate information about having a vasectomy.

On this page, we are debunking common myths by sharing key facts about vasectomy.

Vasectomy myths debunked 

When deciding whether you want a vasectomy treatment, please remember that a vasectomy reversal is possible but not guaranteed, so it is better to view a vasectomy as a permanent method of contraception. You should only proceed if you are certain you don’t want to have any, or anymore, children. 

Vasectomy is a minor procedure which takes about 15 minutes. 

A vasectomy will not affect your hormones, orgasm, or ejaculation, so there’s no reason why a vasectomy should affect your sex life. After a vasectomy, the testicles will still produce the hormone testosterone, which is the male sex hormone. Many couples say that they enjoy sex more after a vasectomy. This is because they can choose to have sex more spontaneously, without worrying about an unintended pregnancy. 

You can resume sexual activity when you feel comfortable. We advise you refrain from sexual intercourse for 48-72 hours after the procedure.

There will be some sperm left in your tubes after your procedure, so you will need to use another method of contraception until we have confirmed the success of your vasectomy in writing. 

We will test your semen at 16 weeks after the procedure. When you have given your sample, we will write to let you know that your vasectomy has been successful and that you can stop using contraception. In some cases this can take several tests. 

After a vasectomy, you will still be able to ejaculate. Vasectomy does not affect orgasm or the appearance of your semen. 

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Vasectomy is a permanent method of contraception. It is important to know what to expect when accessing our vasectomy services.

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