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Vasectomy care

We have been providing vasectomy procedures for the NHS for over 40 years. Vasectomy is a permanent contraceptive method that is suitable for people who are sure they don’t want any, or anymore, children. 

It’s safe, effective and offers a permanent solution to your contraceptive needs. As vasectomy is a permanent contraceptive method and cannot easily be reversed, you should take some time to think about your decision and make sure it is the right one for you. 

Learn more about vasectomy

Vasectomy is a permanent method of contraception. It is important to know what to expect when accessing our vasectomy services.

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What is a vasectomy  

Find out about this permanent method of contraception. 

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NHS-funded vasectomy  

Find out how to access and book an NHS-funded vasectomy.  

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Considering a vasectomy 

What you need to know if you’re thinking about having a vasectomy.   

Your guide to getting a vasectomy

If you’re considering a vasectomy and looking for a short overview of vasectomy care at MSI UK – including information about the procedure and what to expect after a vasectomy – you can read our vasectomy leaflet.

How to book a vasectomy  

We offer NHS-funded vasectomy care and private vasectomy care, which includes:  

  • A consultation with one of our healthcare professionals to discuss what happens on the day of your vasectomy procedure and to talk through your medical history   
  • The vasectomy procedure (our expert surgeons use the non-scalpel technique) 
  • A 24-hour aftercare line to support you during your recovery 
  • A semen testing service 16 weeks after your procedure  
  • Vasectomy counselling appointments are also available should you wish to talk to someone at any point before, during or after your treatment 

If you have decided that having a vasectomy is the right decision for you, and would like to access care with MSI UK, here is what to do next: 

  • NHS-funded vasectomy care: You will need a GP referral to access care with us.  
  • Private vasectomy care: If you would like to make an appointment for a private vasectomy, you do not need to go to your GP; you can call us directly to discuss your options 

Vasectomy booklet 

If you’re looking for more detailed information about having a vasectomy with MSI UK – including how to be referred for a vasectomy, how to prepare for your vasectomy appointment and instructions on post-vasectomy semen testing – you can read our vasectomy booklet.


What to expect 

Find out the step-by-step process of having a vasectomy procedure with MSI UK.    

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Recovery and aftercare 

Find out how you can support your vasectomy recovery. 


Vasectomy counselling  

Find out what support we provide for our clients who choose a vasectomy.