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Client story: choosing an abortion when your family is complete

Stories  •  20 December 2021  • 2 min read



“We didn’t have the money, space or mental capacity for another child.”

A client’s story of choosing to have an abortion when their family was complete.

“I found out I was pregnant with my third child just a couple of weeks after taking the morning after pill.” 

“I knew another baby wasn’t what I wanted right now so took the morning after pill and didn’t really give it much more thought, until my period was late and I had a positive test. I couldn’t believe it, I’d just assumed the morning after pill would work regardless!

My son had only just turned 13 months old and we just couldn’t fathom having another child so soon. We didn’t have the money, space or mental capacity for another child.

It was a tough decision, I kept going back and forth with ‘what-ifs’ and felt a great deal of guilt but we both knew this was the right decision.

MSI Reproductive Choices were so supportive, friendly and non-judgmental, I felt really at ease when talking to them and felt I could be honest about my feelings. I spoke to a counsellor on the phone who was lovely, again so caring and understanding. As I was just shy of 6 weeks I was able to have the at home medication. I was scared and nervous, but it was all very straightforward and not as painful as I had anticipated.”

You can read more abortion stories at this link.

“I want to thank MSI for their support and compassion towards me during this difficult time.”

JULY 2021



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