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Client story: the importance of support when accessing abortion care

Stories  •  27 June 2023  • 1 min read



“The MSI nurses have a kindness to them that makes you feel comfortable during the process of an abortion.”

An MSI client tells us how important the support of our nurses was during her abortion.

“This was my first abortion, and I was guided very kindly throughout the whole process.”

I was quite stoic and emotionless initially, and refused emotional help but my nurse told me it was ok to feel certain emotions about my abortion during my consultation.

I’m unsure if it was my tone of voice or just their kindness, but without her words I wouldn’t have opened up about the emotional side of my abortion, which I believe was necessary for me to feel and to move on.

The MSI nurses have a kindness to them that makes you feel comfortable during the process of an abortion.

Thank you MSI.

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