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Laura’s story: my experience of accessing abortion pills

Stories  •  15 November 2023  • 3 min read



“The whole situation has been so difficult, but the MSI team have been invaluable. I hope this helps someone else going through this difficult time.”

A client tells her story of having a medical abortion at home and accessing the contraceptive implant with MSI UK.

At 40 years old and a mum of three aging from 12 -23 years old, I knew as soon as I took the pregnancy test and the 2 lines appeared that I sadly wouldn’t be able to go through with the pregnancy.

My final childbirth experience was extremely high risk and at my age, I felt I was just too old to have another baby.

Luckily I have a very supportive husband who would have been there no matter what I chose to do, but we agreed this was the best decision for us as a family, financially and emotionally. I searched on Google and found MSI, and filled in the online form – within 2 days a lovely and supportive team member called me and we spoke at length, and I decided to go for a termination and collected my pills a week later at my local clinic.

I had to have a scan, we spoke at length as to what to expect and I also decided to have the contraceptive implant whilst I was there.

MSI UK client pointing to where contraceptive implant is inserted.

I took the first pill that day, I was 6.5 weeks pregnant and the following 4 pills the evening after. At first it wasn’t too bad, but in the middle of the night the pain and bleeding/clotting was quite substantial, and I was very frightened.

I couldn’t bear to look in the toilet, so I shut my eyes and flushed the chain. I took the codeine the clinic gave me and some other pain relief and after a few hours I did manage to sleep.

I work in a preschool with lots of little ones so I decided to have a conversation with my managers and agreed a further 3 days to rest so 4 in total after the second lots of tablets. I went back to work on the 5th day and took things easy but suddenly in the afternoon I lost a lot of blood in gushes 3 times. I panicked and was so upset as the bleeding had been getting lighter.

I immediately phoned the MSI abortion aftercare team thinking something awful was happening to me but they reassured me and I’m now a week on no more big bleeds and the bleeding is very light. I just wanted to say although I knew this was the right decision for me, emotionally and physically the medical way isn’t without trauma.

The whole situation has been so difficult, but the MSI team have been invaluable. I hope this helps someone else going through this difficult time.

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Sharing stories is at the heart of ending the stigma that too many people still feel when it comes to abortion.



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