All of our clinics are open as usual for face to face appointments (for both abortion and vasectomy services).

At-home abortion pills service is available.

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Find out about our vasectomy, contraception, and counselling services.

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NHS & Private Vasectomy Services

A permanent method of contraception.

A simple procedure that is quick and effective.

Vasectomy is a contraceptive method that is suitable for people who are sure they don’t want any, or any more, children.

It's a popular method of family planning chosen by millions worldwide. It's safe, effective and offers a permanent solution to your contraceptive needs. The procedure takes about 15 minutes, and is one of the most effective methods of contraception that exists. A vasectomy will not affect your hormones, orgasm, or ejaculation, so there’s no reason why a vasectomy should affect your sex life.

We are open as usual

Our vasectomy services are open as usual across England. If you want to have a phone consultation, book an appointment, or if you need to be in touch with us about your post-op testing, please contact us.

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Choosing vasectomy

Vasectomy offers a permanent solution to contraceptive needs. People should only choose vasectomy if they do not want to have any children, or if their family is complete.

If would like to have an NHS-funded vasectomy with MSI Reproductive Choices, this is what you need to know:

  • Please call your GP to get a referral for a MSI UK vasectomy treatment;
  • Your GP will need to fill out a referral form and send it to us;
  • Alternatively your GP may wish to refer you using the NHS eReferral system. If so, they will issue you with a Unique Booking Reference Number (UBRN) and password so that you can call us to book an appointment.

Private vasectomy appointments are also available - click on the link below to see what the costs are for this.

Vasectomy costs

Vasectomy Referrals 

In some areas of the country you are able to refer yourself without seeing your GP first.

People that live or are registered with a GP in one of the areas below can call us directly to make a booking, without having a GP referral:

  • Coventry & Rugby
  • Guildford and Waverley
  • Leeds
  • North East Hampshire and Farnham
  • South Warwickshire
  • Surrey Heath
  • Warwickshire North
  • South Tyneside

Call us to discuss your options


If you're considering vasectomy, call our team: we can offer expert advice and support.

You or your GP surgery can call us anytime to see if you can self-refer.

If you're a GP and want to refer a patient, please visit this page and use our referral form.


Choosing MSI UK for your Vasectomy treatment

We offer a full service which includes:

  • pre-appointment consultation;
  • vasectomy procedure;
  • 24-hour aftercare line available;
  • a semen testing service arranged through the post;
  • counselling appointments are also available.

Our teams provide high quality care in friendly and relaxing clinics. Our services are completely confidential. We will not let anyone know about your appointment with us, without your permission to do so.

We do not refuse anyone an appointment because of their age, marital status, or because they have no children. We do ask people under 25 years old to speak to one of our trained counsellors before making their final decision.

If you're considering vasectomy, our specialist team are available 24/7 to offer expert advice and support.

Call us for a confidential chat

0345 300 0212

Contact us

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Non-scalpel vasectomy

Our expert surgeons use the non-scalpel technique. It is effective, should cause very little bleeding, stitches are rarely needed, and there is a low complication rate. 

During the procedure, which takes around 15 minutes, a surgeon will seal the sperm-carrying tubes (vas deferens) to prevent sperm entering the fluid which a man ejaculates.

Vasectomy counselling 

At MSI Reproductive Choices we consider vasectomy a permanent method of contraception meaning that you are 100% sure that you do not want any children now or in the future or you do not want any more children as you feel that your family is complete. 

If you are unsure of your decision, we can offer phone counselling. If you are 25 or under, we would ask you to speak to one of our counsellors. 

A vasectomy is a permanent method of contraception


Choosing to have a vasectomy can be a big decision. We offer confidential counselling to clients who would like to talk through their decision. 

Your Vasectomy Booklet

This booklet will answer any questions you have if you decide to proceed with vasectomy care.

Making the right choice for you

Vasectomy is a permanent and effective method of contraception. Knowing what to expect from your vasectomy procedure and recovery will alleviate any stress and concern you may have about the procedure.

MSI UK vasectomy surgeon talking to a man inside a clinic

What to expect

What you need to know about your vasectomy appointment with MSI Reproductive Choices.

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MSI UK vasectomy client talking to a nurse in a clinic

Recovery and aftercare

Our advice and tips will help speed up your recovery after your procedure.

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Vasectomy costs

Over 90% of our clients have their vasectomy funded by the NHS. Private vasectomy appointments are also available.

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