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Find out about our vasectomy, contraception, and counselling services.

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Vasectomy costs

What you need to know about your appointment with MSI Reproductive Choices

Over 90% of our clients have their vasectomy funded by the NHS.

If you would like to have an NHS-funded vasectomy with MSI Reproductive Choices, your GP will need to fill out a referral form and send it to us.

Private vasectomy appointments are also available. Call us to know how to have a referral (or self-referral) for your vasectomy treatment with MSI Reproductive Choices.

We are open as usual

MSI Reproductive Choices are taking every precaution to keep you safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic. We strongly recommend that you undergo COVID-19 Antigen testing 72 hours (3 days) before your planned appointment date. You should order or book your test at least 7 days before your planned appointment date. You will be sent a text message or email (depending on your preference) at least 7 days before your appointment providing instructions on how to order a test and when it should be taken.

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How to get a vasectomy appointment

If you would like to have an NHS-funded vasectomy with MSI Reproductive Choices, your GP will need to fill out a referral form and send it to us.

In some areas of the country you are able to self-refer without seeing your GP first. You can call us, or your GP surgery, to see if you can self-refer.

Private vasectomy appointments are also available - scroll down to see what the costs are for this.

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Private Vasectomy Costs

MSI Reproductive Choices provides the non-scalpel vasectomy procedure with local anaesthetic.

The prices are as follows, and include post-procedure semen testing at 12 weeks:

Consultation - £70

Procedure - £480

Total cost = £550


Whether you had your procedure with MSI Reproductive Choices or elsewhere, we can test your semen for you after your procedure, at any point in the future. 

For re-assurance in the future we can offer re-check semen postal test - £40

Looking for more information about vasectomy?

You’ll find answers to the questions people ask most about vasectomy here. If you can’t find out the information you need, please call us on 0345 300 0212.

Making the right choice for you

Vasectomy is a permanent and effective method of contraception. Knowing what to expect from your vasectomy procedure and recovery will alleviate any stress and concern you may have about the procedure.

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Find out about this permanent method of contraception.

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Vasectomy recovery and aftercare

Follow our advice and tips to help speed up your recovery after your procedure.

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Vasectomy what to expect

Vasectomy is a simple procedure that takes about 15 minutes.

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