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Vasectomy Procedure: What To Expect

What you need to know about your appointment with MSI Reproductive Choices

Vasectomy is a simple procedure that takes about 15 minutes

It's performed under local anaesthetic, and during the procedure a surgeon seals the sperm-carrying tubes (vas deferens) to prevent sperm entering the fluid when ejaculation occurs.

Once the area is numbed, a small puncture hole is made in the scrotum to locate the vas deferens and the tubes are sealed using heat. A scalpel is not used and stitches are rarely needed on the skin.

If you're considering vasectomy, our specialist team are available 24/7 to offer expert advice and support

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Your vasectomy consultation

When you book your vasectomy, one of our advisors will arrange your consultation. This appointment will take around 20 minutes, and you can do it face-to-face or over the phone.

There will always be a 10 day gap between your consultation and your procedure. This means if you have a face-to-face consultation, it will not be on the same day as your procedure. Most people find it easier to have their consultation over the phone as it means you only need to come to the centre once. 

During your consultation we will talk about the vasectomy procedure in detail, so you know what to expect on the day, and what to do afterwards. We will also discuss your medical history, and the risks and complications. You can use your consultation appointment to ask any questions you might have about the procedure.

Before your treatment you will be asked to read and sign a consent form confirming that you understand the procedure, the possible risks and complications.

Your Vasectomy Appointments checklist

A step-by-step guide to your vasectomy treatment, from appointment booking to aftercare.

What to do once you have your appointment confirmed?

  • We recommend that you arrange to take at least two days (48 hours) to rest after your appointment.
  • If you have a job or hobbies that involve physical strain, such as heavy lifting or contact sports, we advise that you arrange to take a couple of weeks off.

What to do 24 hours before your appointment?

  • Do not drink alcohol or take recreational drugs for 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Prepare some ice packs / ice trays in your freezer – these may be useful if you experience any swelling following your treatment.

What to do on the day of your appointment?

  • Make sure you eat and drink before your appointment.
  • Please take a bath or shower before leaving home on the day of your appointment. Please do not shave or trim the hair around the testicles.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you straight home after your appointment. You must not drive yourself home.
  • We recommend that you bring pain relief with you to your appointment.
  • Make sure you have some tight- itting cotton underwear (one or two sizes smaller than usual) and wear these to your appointment. You will need enough pairs for 7 days following your appointment.
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How to prepare for your vasectomy?

All treatment on the day will be subject to an assessment including your medical history and a physical examination to ensure the doctor can feel the vas tubes. If under rare circumstances the doctor cannot continue with the procedure following the medical examination, you will be referred back to your GP for further management.

On the day of your treatment please ensure that you do have something substantial to eat and drink before you come to the centre. This does not affect the local anaesthetic and will help to ensure you don’t feel light headed.

Please ensure you have a shower before your appointment as this will reduce the risk of infection.

Please ensure that you do get a lift to your appointment as you should not drive home, walk or ride any form of bike. We also recommend you do not use public transport with the exception of a taxi. If you need to use public transport, we strongly recommend that you are accompanied.

Do not drive the day of your treatment. We recommend that you avoid driving for 48hrs if possible.

Vasectomy recovery and aftercare Vasectomy booklet

Making sure you're comfortable

Before the procedure starts, a fast-acting local anaesthetic is injected into the skin of the scrotum with a small needle.

The injection can be slightly uncomfortable, but the anaesthetic will numb the area immediately.

During the procedure, you may experience some discomfort, often described as a tugging sensation, but everyone is different. Most describe the procedure as uncomfortable rather than painful.

You’ll be given pain relief if necessary & advice on what pain relief to take afterwards if needed.

Looking for more information about vasectomy?

You’ll find answers to the questions people ask most about vasectomy here. If you can’t find out the information you need, please call us on 0345 300 0212.

Making the right choice for you

Vasectomy is a permanent and effective method of contraception. Knowing what to expect from your vasectomy procedure and recovery will alleviate any stress and concern you may have about the procedure.

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Find out about this permanent method of contraception.

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Recovery and aftercare

Follow our advice and tips to help speed up your recovery after your procedure.

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Vasectomy costs

Over 90% of our clients have their vasectomy funded by the NHS. Private vasectomy appointments are also available.

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