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Can I get pregnant after an abortion?

Abortion  •  13 May 2024  • 3 min read



Some people have concerns about whether you can get pregnant after an abortion, and worry that having an abortion will affect their ability to get pregnant again in the future. This is not true – there is no link between abortion and infertility.

In this blog, we provide more information about pregnancy after abortion and dispel the common myth that having an abortion impacts your future fertility.

After an abortion, can I get pregnant?

There is no link between abortion and infertility.

Abortion will not affect your fertility, and this is true whether you have a medical abortion or a surgical abortion.  You can conceive again quickly after an abortion. In fact, an egg can be released from the ovary as soon as five days after your treatment so you could become pregnant again before your next period. 

I’ve had more than one abortion, can I still get pregnant?

Yes – whether you’ve had one abortion or more than one abortion, there is no link between abortion and infertility.  

Pregnancy and contraception after an abortion

Following an abortion, it is possible to get pregnant almost immediately. If you don’t want to get pregnant after your abortion, you may wish to consider starting a method of contraception that works for you.

Contraception counselling is part of NHS-funded abortion care. If you’d like to start a method of contraception following your abortion, we are here to help.

When accessing abortion services with MSI UK, you will have the opportunity to discuss contraception with our nurses. If you would like to start a method following your abortion treatment, we offer a range of short-acting contraceptive methods (such as the combined pill, the mini pill, the patch or the ring) and long-acting contraceptive methods (such as the coil, the injection or the implant) to suit your individual needs.

If you choose not to start a method of contraception during your abortion care or would prefer to go away and think about your options, you will be able to access contraception services with us for six months following your treatment.

Learn more about your contraceptive options after an abortion.

Abortion myths

Abortion stigma means that this aspect of healthcare is not often talked about in everyday conversation, leading to a lack of access to relevant and accurate information.

You may see or hear misinformation about abortion (for example, you may hear the myth that abortion impacts your ability to get pregnant again in the future), but abortion is a safe and common procedure.

We’re here to debunk some common myths about abortion, and provide you with the facts so that you can make an informed choice about your healthcare, your body, and your future.

Read more about abortion myths vs facts.

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