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Ealing Council renews England’s first ever abortion clinic Buffer Zone

Advocacy  •  9 February 2021  • 2 min read



London, Tuesday, 9th February 2021

MSI Reproductive Choices UK responds as Ealing Council renews England’s first ever abortion Buffer Zone around the MSI UK clinic in West London.

Today, Ealing Council made the decision to renew England’s first ever Buffer Zone around our clinic in West London.

Three years ago, our clinic in Ealing made history by implementing the first ever Safe Access Zone around an abortion clinic in England.

Today’s renewal of this ground breaking Buffer Zone will mean that people can continue to access essential healthcare services in private and with dignity, free from harassment and intimidation.

Media Statement

MSI Reproductive Choices UK Managing Director Richard Bentley said:

“Today’s decision is a huge relief and we would like to thank Ealing Council for continuing to listen to women’s voices and protect their right to legal healthcare free from harassment. No-one who comes to us has taken their decision lightly and many of those who are confronted by anti-abortion groups outside our clinics feel that their privacy has been seriously invaded at a time and place when they were most vulnerable.  Allowing this harassment to resume during the pandemic would only have led to more distress and anxiety.

“Over the last three years, this ground breaking buffer zone has made a transformative difference to the women who depend on our services, the local residents, and to our own team members, who work hard to create a welcoming haven for everyone who needs them.

“Ealing Council has already withstood numerous attempts to remove this vital protection.  Other councils contemplating similar action to protect clinics should be confident that these measures do work and help safeguard women accessing our services. We hope the Home Office also takes note, as it considers proposals for extending protection around abortion clinics nationally. It is the right thing to do.”

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