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How to get an abortion in Northern Ireland

Abortion  •  12 August 2022  • 2 min read



How to get an abortion in Northern Ireland

In this blog, we explain all you need to know about how to access abortion care in Northern Ireland.

Is abortion legal in Northern Ireland?

In Northern Ireland, abortion was decriminalised in 2019, and the new legal framework came into effect in 2020. Abortion is now unconditionally legal up to 12 weeks in Northern Ireland. After 12 weeks, the law is essentially the same as the rest of the UK. 

In the rest of the UK (in England, Scotland and Wales), the Abortion Act 1967 made abortion legal as long as specific criteria are met. It is possible to have an abortion up to 23 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy (gestation). There is no gestational limit for abortions if there’s evidence of a fatal fetal abnormality or a significant risk to your life if you continue with the pregnancy.

Accessing abortion care in Northern Ireland

You can access abortion services locally, in Northern Ireland. The type of service available will depend on your gestation (how many weeks pregnant you are).

To find up-to-date information on how to access abortion services in Northern Ireland, click here.

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