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MSI Reproductive Choices UK statement on decision by the High Court not to restrict abortion access in cases of foetal anomaly

Press releases  •  23 September 2021  •  1 min read



Media Statement

London, 23rd September 2021 

If you are covering today’s decision by the High Court not to restrict abortion access in cases of foetal anomaly, you may find the following statement from MSI Reproductive Choices UK helpful.

Louise McCudden, MSI Reproductive Choices’ UK Advocacy and Public Affairs Adviser said:

“We welcome today’s High Court ruling. Deciding whether to continue with a pregnancy or not is sometimes a complex, personal decision, and people can need time to consider their options carefully, with all the available information. As a pro-choice organisation, we strongly support a compassionate, information-led approach to this deeply sensitive issue, rather than greater restrictions on abortion rights.”

“We support calls for up to date, accurate, non-stigmatising information about Down’s Syndrome to be made available to anyone who is considering an abortion on this basis. We also support and trust the person who is pregnant to then make whatever decision is best for themselves and their family free from judgement.”

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