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A client shares her story of abortion telemedicine

Stories  •  12 April 2022  • 1 min read



“The fact that it was all done over the phone and I could have the abortion at home was amazing.” 

A client shares her experience of accessing MSI at-home abortion services during lockdown.

“I found out I was pregnant a little after first lockdown. I knew immediately that I wanted to have an abortion, and called up hours after I did the test.” 

From start to finish everyone was great – I am a natural worrier and when I called with any questions I was reassured. I was never made to feel silly for asking my questions (and I called many times!).

Everything happened the way it should and all the details provided on the website are a real reflection of what happened, so there were no surprises at any point.

The fact it was all done over the phone and I could have the abortion at home was amazing.

“Efficient, caring, understanding, non-judgemental, and above all else confidential.”

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