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Chloe’s story

Stories  •  11 June 2020  • 1 min read



“From start to finish I was made to feel comfortable and fully informed about the procedure.” 

A surgical abortion story

“I had heard some worrying things about the procedure, but my experience was so much better than I had thought possible” 

I had the surgical abortion with a sedative and was very worried I would be in a lot of pain, but it was over so quickly and the pain afterwards is actually really manageable and minimal, I just need to take pain killers and use a hot water bottle to soothe any cramps; surprisingly I’ve found the cramps to be less painful than my usual periods.

You can read more abortion stories at this link.

“The team was always so respectful and they don’t judge your decision at all, no matter what decision you choose.”

MARCH 2020



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