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Client story: abortion at home

Stories  •  2 August 2023  • 2 min read



“Taking on board the other stories I read, I prepared for what was going to come and took it at face value, as everyone’s journey is different.”

An MSI client talks about her experience of taking abortion pills at home.

I recently had my first child (5 months old) after suffering with a miscarriage in 2021. So when I found out I was pregnant again less then 6 months later, I was a little shocked.

I did my research and came across MSI. They listened and didn’t judge, which is one thing that put me off going to GPs or the sexual health clinics. In less than 3 days I was given my 2 appointments, and my tablets were delivered. That process happens very discreetly as it looks like a normal package. I took my first tablet after reading the booklet that they provided.

Regarding taking the pills, I was really nervous. I read and heard so many scary and bad stories. I overthought and took so many precautions such as getting pain relief, a hot water bottle, sanitary pads, snacks, and thought about when would be a great time to take the tablets with a little one and films for both me and my little one to watch. A day passed and I had the remaining tablets. Taking on board the other abortion stories I prepared for what was going to come and took it at face value, as everyone’s journey is different. Over a couple of days, I kept topping up with pain relief and returned back to normal.

I would definitely recommend MSI Reproductive Choices.

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Sharing stories is at the heart of ending the stigma that too many people still feel when it comes to abortion.



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