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Farah’s story

Stories  •  23 January 2018  • 3 min read



“I had to share my experience so other people out there don’t feel the pressures of the stigma attached to abortions”

Farah was focusing on her new born when she found out she was pregnant again. She called our advice line to learn more about surgical abortion.

My new born was not even 4 months old when I found out I was almost 9 weeks pregnant again. Although having a child is a blessing as many would argue, I just knew how hard it would be to have another baby so soon. I needed to recover from the first pregnancy and enjoy time with my new born as well as be ready both mentally and physically before having another one- so I decided to give Marie stopes a call after a quick google search. 

I didn’t quite know what to expect but honestly from the word go I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. I’m not one to write reviews etc. but felt I had to share my experience so other ladies out there don’t feel the pressures of the stigma attached to abortions. We all have our reasons.

“Firstly, the woman on the phone was ever so polite and caring, as if it was more than just a job to her and I genuinely felt looked after. The consultation over the phone not only saved me time from going in but also made me realise I won’t be judged by the staff there, something I was afraid of. 

“I was given an appointment for the following week and was greeted in a warm manner yet so professional in the way it was organised, from going into reception one person at a time for privacy issues to getting changed, wrist bands with my name on it and observing the pretty décor, it didn’t feel like a gloomy hospital.”

“Everything felt smooth and calm therefore I felt smooth and calm at ease a bit more if that makes sense.”

“Everything felt smooth and calm therefore I felt smooth and calm at ease a bit more if that makes sense. After being told about the procedures, I was swiftly seen too and got changed. I had the procedure, relaxed for a bit with a coffee and biscuits and even got called a taxi home by the lovely receptionist. I was home within a few hours of entering Marie Stopes. I wasn’t feeling anything how I initially thought I would’ve felt, but instead I was happy and normal, and I genuinely believe it’s due to the friendly and professionalism of the staff and atmosphere. 

“All I can say is thank you very much, because you guys really did make life a whole lot easier just by doing the little things in providing an excellent service. Keep it up!”

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