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Find out about our vasectomy, contraception, and counselling services.

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We're the leading independent provider of sexual and reproductive health services in the UK.

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Digital Contraception Counsellor "Choice"

Find the right contraceptive method for your needs

"CHOICE" our online contraception counsellor

Our "Choice" Contraception Counsellor helps you find the best contraceptive options for you.

Fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle, preferences, needs and medical history, and you'll see a list of the most appropriate contraception options for you.

Making informed contraceptive choices

At MSI Reproductive Choices UK, we know that learning about contraception makes people better equipped to have healthier, safer and more enjoyable sex lives, so we have launched a personalised contraceptive counsellor.

The counsellor includes a questionnaire which gives you a ranked list of contraceptive options for you.

"The most important feature of our new Digital Contraceptive Counsellor "Choice" is personalised contraception at ones fingertips." Julia Hogan, MSI UK Lead Contraceptive Nurse

"Choice" helps you choose the best contraceptive option for your needs

If you need help choosing the best contraceptive for you, try our online contraceptive counsellor "Choice": you can explore your options through a short series of questions to find the best contraception for your needs.

Try our counsellor 'Choice'

Try "Choice"!

It’s important to know more about different contraceptive options so that we can support you as best we can. Our counsellor will help you choose the right method for you.

Contraception Services at MSI UK

Post-Abortion Contraception Counselling

As part of your abortion treatment, we'll help you find a method of contraception that best suits your individual needs.

Read more about our post-abortion contraception counselling.

Contraceptive Clinics

In response to the crisis in contraception access, we have launched new independent contraceptive clinics.

Follow this links to find out about our LARC clinics

LARC Contraceptive Methods

Long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods offer excellent protection against pregnancy. They're the gold standard of the contraception world!

Read more about LARC contreptive methods.

Short-Acting Contraceptive Methods

Short-acting methods refer to methods that you need to remember to use or take regularly, or each time you have sex, such as the contraceptive pill and the condom.

Read more about short-acting contraceptive methods.