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Do I have an infection after my abortion?

Abortion  •  27 March 2023  •  3 min read



It is uncommon to get an infection after an abortion, but if you are concerned, here is what you can look out for. 

In this blog you will find information about:

  • Antibiotics after an abortion
  • Serious complications to look out for after an abortion

Antibiotics after an abortion

We may prescribe you antibiotics after an abortion to help minimise the risk of getting an infection. 

If you have any concerns at all, or you need help taking your antibiotics (if you have been given them), please call our 24-hour aftercare line on 03451221441.  

Please ensure that following your abortion, you read through our aftercare advice and tips for your recovery after an abortion.

What to look out for after an abortion

Serious complications have warning signs. Please call us straight away on 03451221441 if you experience:  

  • Very heavy bleeding that soaks through more than 2 sanitary pads an hour for 2 hours. These pads should be suitable for a heavy flow.  
  • Abdominal pain or discomfort that is not helped by pain relief medication, or by using a heat pad.  

Infection after an abortion is uncommon, but if it occurs it is easily treated. If you have these symptoms, please call us on 03451221441

  • Vaginal discharge that smells unpleasant 
  • Fever, feeling shivery or like you have the flu lasting more than 24 hours

Sepsis can be caused by an infection and whilst after an abortion it is rare, it can be serious especially if it is not detected. Symptoms of sepsis can be like having the flu at first. If you have any of the signs below it is important to seek urgent medical advice:  

  • Confusion 
  • Slurred speech
  • Extreme shivering 
  • Severe muscle pain 
  • Being unable to urinate 
  • Severe breathlessness
  • Cold, clammy and pale or blotchy skin 
  • Loss of consciousness

You can always get back in touch with your abortion provider, should you have any questions during or after your treatment. They are always there to support you. If you have had treatment with MSI UK and have any abortion aftercare questions, you can call our 24-hour dedicated aftercare line on 03451221441

Get in touch

At MSI Reproductive Choices, we are here for you and there are a number of ways you can contact us.    

You can always get in touch should you have any questions about our services, would like to book an appointment or you have had treatment with us and want aftercare support.  



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