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A client story during lockdown

Stories  •  16 April 2020  • 3 min read



“It was big shock but I called MSI UK and since the very first day they were so helpful and showed a lot of care.” 

A client story during lockdown

“After reading so many bad stories, I promised to myself to write my experience and all the help that I had from MSI UK.” 

“I found out I was pregnant after 6 weeks and to be honest I was in panic because since the beginning I knew I’ve decided that I didn’t want to continue with the pregnancy for many reasons.

It was big shock but I called to MSI and since the very first day they were so helpful and showed a lot of care.

First step they booked an appointment with a doctor and I was talking to him for 20 minutes to explain my decision and the main purpose of the call was for them to make sure that I was alright with my decision.”

I’m so grateful I chose MSI because the team is very friendly, nurses are very patient and sweet and they didn’t take long to answer your call. I want to thank the the team and especially the nurses for all the support.

“Even with the pandemic situation that we are living at the moment, the clinic was so helpful and when I explained them that I wanted to do the procedure as soon as possible it took me 2 weeks to do have the pills delivered at home.

After the phone call with the doctor, I spoke to a nurse to do a medical history over the phone, they were always so professional and made sure that I didn’t have any health issue to move forward. Also, the nurse explained to me all the process and the two options, medical or surgical abortion.

I found out early so they advised me to do medical abortion at home due to the pandemic, but they were there 24/7 on the phone and during the entire process I called 3/4 times.

Now it’s been almost 4 weeks after and I’m feeling very well and in a few more days I will do another pregnancy test to make sure all the process went well and the abortion is complete.”

You can read more abortion stories at this link.

“The team was always so respectful and they don’t judge your decision at all, no matter what decision you choose.”

MARCH 2020



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