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H’s story

Stories  •  29 November 2017  • 2 min read



“I kind of knew I was pregnant out of gut instinct, however, I took a test in the company of my boyfriend.”

H lives in Kent and had a consultation with MSI UK when her pregnancy test showed positive.

“We decided together that we would come to MSI. I was petrified of what might happen and riddled with guilt, not just because of what I was about to do, but because of other ladies.

“But after my consultation, I turned up to my appointment and was treated like a normal person who knew what I was doing.

“They give you opportunities to ask questions, speak to you about what’s going to happen and give you advice, they also ask you if you are 100% that you want to do it before going ahead so you don’t feel forced once there.

“Also, they don’t mind if you get upset as this is probably normal and you’re given a moment to get yourself together before you have to go back out into the waiting room.

“Luckily, I was accompanied by my boyfriend the whole time, even though he wasn’t allowed to come into the treatment rooms for privacy purposes, I still felt comforted by nurses.”

You can read more abortion stories at this link. 

“I was treated well by each nurse throughout my experience and everything was relaxed.”



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